Nuclear Prayers For
Divine Health


NUCLEAR PRAYERS FOR DIVINE HEALTH contains 82 pages of healing Scriptures, faith declarations, and teachings you will find helpful to build your faith to manifest healing and obtain divine health.

When Satan brings symptoms of sickness and disease to your body or to your loved ones, you now have a resource available to quickly speak God’s Word and exercise your authority as a believer.

The devil has been defeated; nevertheless, he remains on the loose for a time. Until his appointed time is over, he continues to roam like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He still attempts to steal, kill, and destroy whoever will not stop him!

The devil is a legalist; he knows his rights, and he knows your rights! This book will teach you how to kick him out and close any doors through which he has gained legal access. Learn how to bind him effectively and take back your health.



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Divine Health”

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